Summer Junk

Summer Freedom=Boredom

My to-do list is huge,

But I’ll forget it all,

In the haze of summer,

As I dream of doing them,

Unfinished goals, novels and other junk,

Lie sprawling in my mind.


Trash Typed

Flexing my fingers,

I get ready to type another useless piece,

Of trying to type one.

Some hungry monster tells me its not enough,

But hey, its never enough,

We thrive on the thrill of improvisation,

The survival of trashy writers.

Same Old Bath Bomb

When giving becomes the same old bath bomb

Ever since last year, my close friend and I have been giving each other gifts in the same category: scented bath items. Last year’s Christmas, I got a bath bomb. Zoom forward a year, I got another bath bomb, just a different one.

Now, I didn’t get some drugstore bath bomb, I got a Lush Handmade Cosmetics bath bomb. Lush’s are the bomb. Their bath bombs are filled with colour, scents and biodegradable glitter, but above all, they do good. The bombs contain skin-loving ingredients with a few that are organic or fair-trade, and they are handmade in a Lush Kitchen close to the shop. Yes, handmade by humans.

Enough about my gift, let’s talk about her’s. I got her a bath bomb, and of course a limited edition Christmas one. That’s not too bad, is it? Well, I did give her one for her birthday back in September… Talk about lack of intuition.

I decided, rashly, to follow her hint after last year’s Christmas, and get her a “Christmas one.” Due to the fact that I was cheap and was running out of time, I made a decision to follow my terrible instincts.

Since Lush is so conveniently located, I took a spin online for many times before making a decision. Then I scoured the shops, and realized the sizes were horribly depicted in the images. Thus, I chose based on last year’s regrets and got her Shoot for the Stars. It was that or Luxury Lush Pud, which was too colourful in my opinion.

I believe if I tried harder, I could have given her a nice surprise. Though, her thankful text says otherwise.

Next year, with some thought and some time, hopefully she will not get another bath bomb, but something she actually looks forward to. Perhaps a gift that will not be gone after a bath and will last for years.

Gifts should come from understanding of the person’s personality and character, not from one sentence of regret.

For Lush’s website, click here for Canada.

Instrumental Problem

It’s there

ideas flowing from gray matter

I can feel it, pulsing-wanting to be let out

How can I? When I can barely write what I think onto paper

from mind to pen  pen to paper connections lost

I wish it otherwise, let it fly

Change pens, I have tried

Change books I have tried

Type on slow keyboards, watch as my fingers fumble

what instrument conducts the mind

better than a pen?