Conflicted Conflict

I recently researched Mali,

Dove into websites,

Databases and overused UN info,

What I found was conflict,

Problems, unsolved,

I wondered if I could propose a solution,

I found out,

It can`t be done by one,

Now I`m calling for your ears,

Foreign aid without the strings,

If the populace cares and asks nothing in return,

Mali will rise and pay Canada back.


True Love

You wake me,

And I wake you,

Deep down we both know,

That we were meant to be,

We can stop at the “friend” title,

That we give ourselves,

Because we both know,

We are closer now,

To each other,

Day and night,

I know,

That love is the answer,

But I can’t bring myself to say it,

Not when you’re around.

~For all those who can’t love who they want to love~

End All Wars

Stop it with the hate,

The rage that consumes,

The weapons poisoning water,

The screams from women,

The wars that we create,

For literally nothing,

Don’t fight,

You’re spilling blood,

Red blood,

The same that we all share,

We look different,

But in truth-we are the same,

Same species,

Just different looks.


End all wars,

Draw your flags of peace,

Let doves sing once more,

Let Flanders Fields be remembered,

Religion, Nationalism, politics,

Huge unstable messes created by hate,

We have the capacity to love,

To extend a hand,

To say,

“We know we’re different, but let’s put that aside”