In the world of journalism, one must be ready to run.

One must have a paitent mind and a quick pen.

One must always be hungry for more, one quote is not enough!

One must constantly chase things.

It’s always been like this, fast, blurry movements into infinity.


English and Me

I’ve fought with a language,

A style,

Clichés, biases, present tense,

Blah Blah Blah,

I’ve fought with my favourite medium,

Everytime I write,

I can’t seem to love the same artists do,

I fight, then I write,

No choice,

I’m stuck with English.

Figuring out Cliches

I have learned the hard way,

That everything is cliché

Only because everyone in this part of the world,

Is exposed to pretty much the same things,

Same media,




And movies that consistently use,

Lessons, morals and clichés,

It’s now nearly impossible to create an idea,

That does not use either a fact or a cliché,

So please, change

The guidelines for theme.


Here are some facts or clichés:

Funerals can bring people together

Food brings people together

Love dies with death

Love dies when hope dies


Generally, hard.

It’s hard to change something that is stuck,

Written in my memory,

Embedded in my habits,

Do you expect me to conform to a standard,

I have no heart for?

I try,

You just never see it,

I look wandering and somewhere else,

When I’m working to help other’s ,

You think this happened,

When it really did not,

I can’t expect you to know that,

Because you don’t know,

It’s just generally hard,

To be something else,

To go back a few steps,

When you’re there far beyond,

I don’t even know why I bother.

Two Point

After the work is done,

There’s editing, from other people,

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange

I see it well, they see nothing,

I can find my points, they are confused,

From this, we see the two points of view,

The author’s and the editor,

The editor is often right, perhaps it’s not obvious,

Or they have a better idea,

I just wish I could stop arguing these useless points,

Imagine that.