Writing All this Stuff

It’s been nearly two years,

Since December ’15

and I have wrote all this stuff,

That I bet litters your feed,

Oh, okay,

I`ll continue to write,

The things you see now,

Little rants on English,

Oh, who doesn`t feel this way,

The keyboard is stuck on French,

So I couldn`t type the question mark,

Nor apostrophes,

The little glimpses into my frustration with S`well water bottles,

Hey, Hydro Flask is getting on my nerves,


This keyboard needs to revert to English(US)


Figuring out Cliches

I have learned the hard way,

That everything is cliché

Only because everyone in this part of the world,

Is exposed to pretty much the same things,

Same media,




And movies that consistently use,

Lessons, morals and clichés,

It’s now nearly impossible to create an idea,

That does not use either a fact or a cliché,

So please, change

The guidelines for theme.


Here are some facts or clichés:

Funerals can bring people together

Food brings people together

Love dies with death

Love dies when hope dies



-For those who live in cruel cycles,  step upon step-

There are traces of feet,

Ditches made in the golden sand,

Curves from the sides,

Flattened sand, these feet have walked upon,

And we follow them,


Through history, through eras,

We have followed those before us,

Relinquishing the strongholds,

Of the wars past,


We have stepped, left steps, gave steps and took steps,

But, we never dream of those who walk the same burdened path,

Day after day after day,

Stuck in the same cycle,

Walking the same steps,

Through the steps of their ancestors,

Their pain is lost,

To the  cycle,

Until renewed by the footsteps of their children.