A step

One step is all it takes,

To realize change,

Though it is the easiest,

But it is the vital,

The thoughts that come after,

That truly matter,

A step is all it takes,

To incite change,

By realizing it needs to change.


Black Licorice Lollypops

There’s a Kerr’s wrapper on my desk,

It once held a black lollypop,

Inky dark, smooth ridges bumped,

Upon first lick, I fell hard,

Anise flavour, headache inducing,

Beautiful smoke that I wanted,

Sucking the life out of it,

Creating ulcers on my lips.


There’s something with words,

The way they blend,

The way they sound,

The way I can change and play and mix,

Without care that it will turn out wrong,

Words were the first path,

They leapt from the page,

And became alive,

Tangible finally.

Write for you

If there is anything I have learned,

Through writing, through reading,

Is that detail doesn’t matter,

Where you place or how you use,

Plot points, words, paragraphs,

Doesn’t matter,

The reader can be confused,

But let me say this,

The simple ones often win,

As long as the meaning strikes,

The imagery is there,

And when all elements are in place,

When you think you’ve done enough,

It’s enough.


It’s not your fault the reader couldn’t see.