The tank is filled,

The pressure’s up,

Do you float or do you sink,

Tread to survive?

Gasp for air as you climb up,

Victorious for facing the pressure,

Amid the onlookers,

Who wait for the same results,

Float, Sink or Tread.



Blank yellow haze chased the blue skies away

Prevent Fires

Stick your head out the window.

What do you see?

Gleaming towers far away?

Towering green trees?

Or just a blanket of yellow haze,

That hangs lower when the heat comes,

Suffocating everything in smoke,

Beijing was bad,

Now its here in Vancouver,

Chasing the blue to Paradise

Fires burning, no joke.

Don’t smoke in trails.

Please prevent fires,

Hundreds are displaced.

Being Bitten

Bug bites are never fun

With the terrors of West Nile Virus,

Malaria, Tick fuelled terror,

I think a mosquito bite is fairly deadly,

Little red bumps that don’t itch,

But I scratch at them,

Then they swell into horrors,

The size of  toes,

Horribly red, and so annoying,

Yet I scratch and make them worse,

Four on my leg, one in the crook of my elbow,

Come on, I only wore dark pants!

Being bitten by a bug,

How could I go like this?


On the edge

One jump to nothingness, so I fly

I stare at the same screen,

Hoping for something, 

Anything to spark a post, 


And so this is the edge, 

Of poetry to nothing, 

From writing to the abyss that opens, 

Waiting for a failure, 

Yet I do not want to jump, 

And so I fly, 

With this post about nothing, 

I am stuck on the edge

Writing All this Stuff

It’s been nearly two years,

Since December ’15

and I have wrote all this stuff,

That I bet litters your feed,

Oh, okay,

I`ll continue to write,

The things you see now,

Little rants on English,

Oh, who doesn`t feel this way,

The keyboard is stuck on French,

So I couldn`t type the question mark,

Nor apostrophes,

The little glimpses into my frustration with S`well water bottles,

Hey, Hydro Flask is getting on my nerves,


This keyboard needs to revert to English(US)