Conflicted Conflict

I recently researched Mali,

Dove into websites,

Databases and overused UN info,

What I found was conflict,

Problems, unsolved,

I wondered if I could propose a solution,

I found out,

It can`t be done by one,

Now I`m calling for your ears,

Foreign aid without the strings,

If the populace cares and asks nothing in return,

Mali will rise and pay Canada back.



Each tap a whisper,

Each stroke a purpose,

Telling their story through many instruments,

The keyboard,

The pen,

That random piece of pencil stuck behind your ear,

Every tool has a strength,

A weakness that fights through each written word,

It`s all there, all done,

Every one discovered,

Every one used,

Only its mysteries are left for you.


Diction(nary) problems

Let’s skim through

Some big bound book with hundreds of words

And choose find

The one that fits in every glance

Then realize

It’s not the same on the other side

Bilingual dictionaries

Only the pain that bilinguals understand

Why is it there?

But not on the other side?

There’s supporter on one side

But no supporter on the other

It says soutenir . 

Instrumental Problem

It’s there

ideas flowing from gray matter

I can feel it, pulsing-wanting to be let out

How can I? When I can barely write what I think onto paper

from mind to pen  pen to paper connections lost

I wish it otherwise, let it fly

Change pens, I have tried

Change books I have tried

Type on slow keyboards, watch as my fingers fumble

what instrument conducts the mind

better than a pen?


The Struggle

We are undeniable

Forgotten because of factors that don’t factor

Left hanging on threads that they refused to give

Escaping the country which could be sanctuary

Deleted from history

Censored by will

Closer to make-believe than real life fiction

Movies seem better than actual living

The Pursuit of Happyness is terribly true

Tears shed and worries becoming

cold rainy reality that strikes close to home