Overnight Rain

Thundering rain blew the smoke away


Yesterday the rain came.

Loud thiefs in the night,

Stealing dreams and time,

From the animals who liked the sun,

The smoke lost its hold,

On the skies above,

And for only one day,

There was blue,

So it rained overnight.


Blank yellow haze chased the blue skies away

Prevent Fires

Stick your head out the window.

What do you see?

Gleaming towers far away?

Towering green trees?

Or just a blanket of yellow haze,

That hangs lower when the heat comes,

Suffocating everything in smoke,

Beijing was bad,

Now its here in Vancouver,

Chasing the blue to Paradise

Fires burning, no joke.

Don’t smoke in trails.

Please prevent fires,

Hundreds are displaced.