True Love

You wake me,

And I wake you,

Deep down we both know,

That we were meant to be,

We can stop at the “friend” title,

That we give ourselves,

Because we both know,

We are closer now,

To each other,

Day and night,

I know,

That love is the answer,

But I can’t bring myself to say it,

Not when you’re around.

~For all those who can’t love who they want to love~



Chemistry has bridged my interest with ingredients,

And finally I know what Carbonate is made of,

What baking soda’s formula is,

I can guess some ingredients,

To some extent,

Sodium is Na,

Calcium is Ca,

Cobalt is Co,

and Beryllium is Be.

It’d write formulas all day,

Balance the numbers,

See the combos come alive.


Response to “On the Future of Poetry”

The poem sounds depressing,

Or perhaps desperate,

Hardly lively in my opinion,

Maybe I’m taking it too harshly,

Thinking that the old is better,

Blank verse is better,

Rhyme schemes and meanings are better than what I can do!

These are my verses,

My words,

My blank verse even though it doesn’t beat,

The future of poetry,

Is changing.