Black text across white screens.

Lines and stanzas.

Verses of prose.

Colours painted by a single coloured pen.

Dreams created by the poet.

Kaelum Poulson’s The Crow.

Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken.

The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carrol.

Paradise Lost by John Milton.

All grand poems.

Written from the heart.

A strong art.

Poetry is nearly universal.



End All Wars

Stop it with the hate,

The rage that consumes,

The weapons poisoning water,

The screams from women,

The wars that we create,

For literally nothing,

Don’t fight,

You’re spilling blood,

Red blood,

The same that we all share,

We look different,

But in truth-we are the same,

Same species,

Just different looks.


End all wars,

Draw your flags of peace,

Let doves sing once more,

Let Flanders Fields be remembered,

Religion, Nationalism, politics,

Huge unstable messes created by hate,

We have the capacity to love,

To extend a hand,

To say,

“We know we’re different, but let’s put that aside”




I have a dilemma,

A sturdy problem that works two ways,

The result is the same,

Whichever I choose,

It just narrows down to my morales,

Because S’well won’t keep them,

Like Klean Kanteen does.


To B certified or not to B certified?

A B corporation logo ensures its environmental sound,

Made responsibly, yet sustainably,

S’well has no logo,

No hope that their bottles were made,

Ethically and sustainably,

With non-toxic finishes.


Trash, trash, trash,

It’s filling up dumpsters,

Piles and incinerators,

Discarded Starbucks cups with the lids,

The lids are recyclable!

Throw them in the blue bin and save some waste,

Fish and mammals are choking up plastic,

The microbeads might end up in sushi,

Luckily, minmizing this horror is easy enough,

Use a reusable water-bottles or travel mugs,

Ask for a mug at Starbucks,

Bring a bag to shop,

Refuse condiments,