Dec. 31

I am spending the last day of the year being bored. Not really bored, just too lazy to start a few things that should have been started a long time ago. If I look back(which I have done too much already) I should have started planning the sad remains of my attempted failures of literature. Or the fact that I regret everything that I regretted the moment after the event…

They say a new year is a new year. Literally. Perhaps it’s the time to start over, to refresh and decided on how my life is actually going to work. It’s time to begin planning those attempted failures of English that I keep stored in my mind. I’ve passed my lucky year, and now the 17 begins.

The future is undoubtedly scary. Teachers try to teach to give kids the skills for a future job. I have to ask: what is the future? Is it run by A.Is that will decided everything and anything, leaving our original beings of intelligence and unknown beginnings in ashes? The markets are expanding, maybe pushing the quaint forms of art that does not require internet out of the way for unnatural forms of self expression. I would rather write my own things, thanks.

Looking back again…?! I wish I have the interrobang combined. I have typed more than I’ve written in WordPress and on MS Word. I used to write on paper, but I did realize the small fact that I keep editing when transferred from paper to screen.

Maybe, you’ve wondered who I am. Who wrote all these random poems and other useless things in your feed. Here’s a few safe facts about me:

Preferred writing tool: Staedtler  Wopex pencil

Coffee or tea? Tea, unless it’s decaf coffee I get to smell rather than drink

Favourite font: Bookman Old Style  and Copperplate Gothic Light

Age of this blog: Over a year by a few days

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars in all Darth Vader glory.


What to do?

When boredom strikes,

Take some action,

Use it to channel,


  1. Doodle on anything
  2. Write a poem about boredom
  3. Daydream for minute
  4. Dance
  5. Find patterns
  6. People watch
  7. Do something!


Star Wars is built on faith,

In a make-belive religion,

The Force only  works, if you believe in it,

The famous words: “May the Force be with you”,

Are an example of an another type of faith,

This time, with actual believers,

All religions are built up on faith,

To have faith is to stand un-moving,

Through failure and temptation,

Pain and suffering,

All with hope,

Causing action, through faith,

God’s books, all religions concerning Him,

Centered around faith,

Have faith,

Don’t give up,

God hears your sufferings,