I love the language,  but the writing kills me,

Reading is no problem, writing is no problem,

Hey, I’m literate…

I hate that I cannot use it enough,

There is just so much ways to use a TO BE verb,

But so little ways to work around it,

It is very unfair.

I wonder who invented those rules,

They don’t make much sense and stabs me each time,

If only, there was a easier way…

TO BE verb count: 7



I annoy myself,

I annoy others to the verge of insanity,

I blame it on my stress,

Or the fact, I procrastinate worse than I have ever done,

I hate it,

I abuse it in my mind,

I drive myself crazy, and others too,

If there was a way,

To let me see clearer or differently,

Sadly, I doubt I can do that,

In a few days time.