George Orwell

George Orwell changed my mind,

He blew it with one book,

1984-Nineteen Eighty Four,

He taught me that endings don’t have to be happy,

They work as long as it clicks with the novel,

He showed me insights,

Which I would have never found out,

Goldstein’s book exploded with truth,

And yet, there was no Goldstein,

He staged it like a drama,

Where you think it goes right,

But really goes left.


The page

The page and the pen,

In French it would be le papier and le stylo,

The page and the pen,

Not a, 

They are the tools able,

Gifted with the power to do anything,

To become anyone,

They can create or bring down,

Lift up or scatter,

They are the weapons that defend the author,

The mighty sword and shield,

Capable of so much more,

Than what the label says.