A Great Shout Out

A Great Shout Out to all those who have looked,

Checked, Liked or Followed,

Many come and go,

Some remain,

Whatever the reason,

I’d like to thank you,

For being there,

Adding to the statistics and overall,

Keeping this author hoping.


-Henri Darkner



Inspo,  Inspiration, Words, Ideas,

Lists, Organizers, Colours, Sentences,

Wired, Jesse Eisenberg, Daniel Radcliffe,

Lipstick, Malala and her voice,

The UN, Burt’s Bees,  Gel pens,

Yonex, Fiction, Randomness,

Cats, Cruelty-Free, Trees,

Paper, Notebooks, Gems,

Blah blah blah…

Everything I see,

Or think about,

Glue, Boxes, Stones,

Abalone, Thailand, Bananas,

Orange, Lavender, Fair-Trade,

Organic, Original, Over the counter,


Bugs Bunny.


Who would have ever thought of this?

On the quest to rid the world of bathroom scents,

The founder developed an instant way to rid thyself,

Of the lingering disgust that a loo brings,



Otherwise poo,

By inventing Poo~Pourri,

A magical blend of essential oils and claimed magic,

In many different scents,

All you have to do is:



Then VIOLA!,

A wonderful smellling throne emerges from the stink,

As easy as pie,

Completely safe for you and the planet,

Not tested on animals,

With snazzy artwork and amazing FAQ’s,

We loved the unicorn,

And Poo~La~La!

“SOME scientists say…,”

I have recently relived one of my memories concerning accurate information on websites. My Grade. 7 Power Info teacher, gave us a sheet with a sample blog post that used what I find to be misleading and vague: some scientists. When I asked about that”some scientists”, because I did not find it wrong, she said something about you know, how that “some” refers to a group or two, not exactly a large group of people verifying information, right? Exactly, so apparently the correct way is to say “scientists”. That is even more misleading than “some scientists”.   Continue reading ““SOME scientists say…,””