Cold Hands

-A work of imaganation-

A dead body lay on the ground before me,

Left lying forlornly across the grass,

Nobody wept nor prayed,

No words were said,

The air silent,

Heavy with death,

Scented with innocence,

Blowing with regret,

The last thoughts of the corpse,

I dared to hold hands with.


Her hands were cold,

I lay beside her,

We slept under the willow,

Weeping as he tried to reach the earth,

She looks young,

Undeserving of her fate,

My heart weeps with each thud,

Holding her cold cold hands,

While my soul melts for her.



Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

As a block buster novel,  you would have seen  The Heroes of Olympus on the shelf. Critically acclaimed by The New York Times, School Library Journal and Child Magazine, this series is worth the read. The novel of the five that will be featured here is The Lightning Thief, the first and foremost novel that spirals into The Heroes of Olympus, and The Trials of Apollo. This novel follows the life of Percy Jackson.

This is no ordinary middle school life, but one filled with monsters and the Greek myths. Lessons about friendship and the lengths people go to save them is revealed, through a witty backdrop of New York and Manhattan. A perfect afternoon read, even for adults.