The kettle broke,

Its red button won’t light up,

The plug will still plug,

But with no electric current,

The water won’t heat,

Nor warm,

Just a lukewarm mess in the stainless pot,

A thought struck me!


The microwave works too,

A thought never thought,

Then it went,

The cold, causing stomach aches water,

Heated to a tepid,

But good enough,

For now.



Sustainable means,


Come on,

It’s not so far away,

Close the tap when you brush your teeth,

Use palm-oil free soap and shampoo,

Take one shower less each week,

It will save water and your wallet,


Even your hair!


Little tricks and tiny tips,

Will save money,

And trees,


And animals too,

It’s not that hard!


Eco brands,

For cosmetics,

Pet supplies,


Food and personal stuff,

Brands like Patagonia,

Nike, Lululemon and Armour Vert,

Help your skin breath in style,

Brands like Lush,

The Body Shop, Burt’s Bees, Green Beaver  and Rocky Mountain Soap,

Will hep you lather up naturally,


Easy as pie.

If there’s pie.

Something Organic and wild.


Have you ever been lost,

In this gigantic muddle,

Of what once was,

Literate thoughts?

That’s confusion,

Here to delude,

A straight-forward plan,


Where’s does this thing go?

Straight paths,

Suddenly veer off,

Into a wide world of craziness,


Here to confuse and perform the Confundus charm.


Confusion has been used,

By J.K Rowling as the Confundus charm,

That goes something like this:


*Do not try this at home*

This will never work…


The End

The end is near,

Gone are the days of past memories,

Built up in  metal lockers and messy binders,

Summer’s heat has already arrived,

Saluting the end as it waves past,

No more walking the same ways,

To and from,

Back and forth,

It’s slipping,

And I don’t feel sad,

For I know,

That the moments count more,

So yes,

The end is nearing,

And a beginning starts,

A gigantic change,

But not impossible.



Descriptive is the world,

Vibrant colours and dazling words,

“Black as the night sky” and “Red scarlet love”

Gray between black and white,

The kale in a salad,

Fillers for those empty spaces,

What once blank is now filled,

“Dangerous love in the night”,

“Murderous eyes and zealous lips” and most of all,

“Hues of a hundred-fold, all shimmering before my eyes”

Description- wonderous deciever.