A Canadian Dream

Dreams fly,

Just in our heads,

Canadian or world-wide,

It does not matter,

We all dream of things,

Equality and education,

Environment and empowerment,

I dream of spreading hope,

Doing good,

Fighting for my voice,

Creating a path,

I will dream that Canadian Dream,

Until then,

I’ve got to work.



We all deal with stress,

Just in different forms,

Mine looks like text,

Across a white page,

Bombarded with markings,

In rainbow coloured ink,

I haven’t the faintest idea,

When to start,

I suppose I will wait a while.



Procrastination snaps at me,

It wants time,

To be filled with mindless hours,

Of useless work,

Fight back the urge,

And do your work,

Do it now,

And it will go away,


Until more arrives.








We all face,

Deal with it,

And move on.






J.K Rowling

J.K Rowling,

Inspired me to write,

The first ever novel,

I’ve attempted,

From then on,

I was inspired by many others,

From many worlds.


This is my tribute,

to the great,

Author of magic and hope,

Daydreams galore,

You inspired me,

And I know you inspire others,

Thank You,

For writing Harry Potter,

The one on my list of favourites,

Competing for first,

I will write more,

And create more,

Thank You.


-Henri Darkner


I Am the Messenger

Markus Zusak ,

Writing a tale,

One that will strike a chord,

In the heart,

Honest and true,

Fiction but possible,

Love and friendship,

A set of aces,

Carry out the messages society needs to hear,

Addresses, streets, sexual exploiters and soccer games,

Coffee, Audrey, and the Doorman,

Will make you want to stay,

Within I Am the Messenger,

By Markus Zusak,

Suitable for everyone above the age of thirteen,

Includes profanity and sexuality.


Sci-Fi for the Girl


The blast from outer space,

Blasters and the Millenium Falcon streaking across the skies,

Katniss Everdeen fighting for her life,

Groot saying three words each time,

This is the world of science,

Wormholes, dimensions, aliens galore,

It suits everyone,

Feminist to Bookworm,

Holed up with Divergent by Veronica Roth,

Or fighting with Princess Leia and Padame Amidala,

Be lost in the galaxy,

Stars and love,collide with aliens,

Bringing Wonder Woman and Black Widow,

Love what you see,