Natural Methods to Cosmetics.


There are hidden killers,

And silent toxins,

Disguised in the form,

Of colourful tubes and flashy powders,

Hundreds of unknown names,

Disodium EDTA and methylparaben,

Does it keep you up at night?

Worrying about poision lurking in your favourites,

Lipstick and Cream powders,

Eyeshadow and blush?


Don’t worry,

There are superheroes,

Who vanquish and fight,

Those hidden things,

Coming in various natural scents,

Shapes and colours,

Brilliant clean and good for you,

There’s Canadian Green Beaver,

Rocky Mountain Soap and Company,

Bite Beauty,

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics,

Burt’s Bees,

and The Body Shop.


Try these natural goodies,

To get cleaner and healthier,

Nobody wants toxins hiding as miracles!





Author: Henri Darkner

Life is harsh. Love is harsh. God makes it better. I've always loved to read, and daydream too. I love literary pairings in sounds and text, styles and images. My favourite book is 1984 by George Orwell.

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