A personal write up

“Emerald” That is his name. Nearly flawless, an idea born out of young love; he is my character, mine and mine only. A romance between author and character that is unwritten, but felt deeply by both. My love of writing matches his powerful aura, I feel the longing to see him onto the page. We can change the world with our words – but, the storyline must be completed first before his entrance into this world begins. This is my goal and must be completed by the thirty-first of December, the last day of the year and Emerald’s birthday.

A storyline is the basic format of the story, no dialogue, no description- just the idea and this is the most vital part. A good storyline keeps the writer in focus and one who chooses to ignore this step is sure to be carried away. I have seen it happen to myself more than once and even on an adequate storyline, not all that is planned happens, yet the story is smoothly written. My lack of experience in this field is sadly my downfall. I have no patience to waste thinking of how the wireless internet works nor to ponder the logic that it requires to be sensible. Storylines are the first step to a long wanted dream and perhaps this dream will be no longer a dream, but reality. Storylines- the bone of the human, protective and yet important- aim for it.

You could say, Emerald is only a character-meaningless and unimportant- a distraction of some sorts. Would you say that with Harry Potter? Or even Jane Eyre or Anne of Green Gables? These characters become like family after dreaming and thinking about them all the time. They share connections between you and them. It’s like watching Luke Skywalker through all the movies till the end, we bond with them throughout their pain and grief. Characters mimic us in everything we do and that might make them Mary Sues, but I believe they are more real than others, just like my baby. In a sense, it would be harder to write characters that are completely not Mary Sues than to write from the heart. That storyline is a high bar, but able to fix and mend into a story to share.


Author: Henri Darkner

Life is harsh. Love is harsh. God makes it better. I've always loved to read, and daydream too. I love literary pairings in sounds and text, styles and images. My favourite book is 1984 by George Orwell.

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