Mary Jane- a rejected poem

Mary Jane, is a common name, yes, I know that. But, it apparently was too professional for me (too experienced). Um… what!? It was easy to write, just a bit of fancy wording and things that make sense etc.etc. Though one line says rose, the original version by me, was lavender, though changed it to either provide romance or to add the red colour. This is the rejected poem- no research involved, all mine, creativity.

I miss her,

Of all the people she lingers long,

Longer than the Long Island air,

Or the bustling streets of Beijing,

I have been everywhere and yet I see her,

Standing alone, dressed in red,

Through windows of shops and little French Cafés,

I smell her scent of coffee and rose,

Blending together a harmony I will never experience again,

She reminds me of painful nights alone,

Listening to rain pattering on window panes,

Plit, plat, plit ,plat and it goes on deep into the empty night,

Of when I lost my Suzy Anne,

Or was it Rose, perhaps Mary Anne,

Her name has slipped my mind ,

And yet I will never forget of the girl in red,

A feeling that lingers long,

Oh, how I miss you,

My Mary Jane.


-Henri Darkner



Star Wars is going to continue! Forever! By Disney!


Is this good news? I do not know. Many of us, all thought it was the end when Darth Vader died and Luke lost his hand. Apparently, not.

According to the December issue of Wired,  they plan on releasing a new movie every year, if there are ticket sales. Honestly, if they continue on, what if, all the old fans, lose interest, because there is just too much to watch and learn? We, will see how the world takes Star Wars. I hope, it ends with Episode VII.

Dark Places Under the Rabbit Hole

There is a land far away,

where the willow trees do not sway,

even the rabbits say,

“I’d rather move to Norway”


The land is ruled by the siblings three,

Fair White in the North

wise and kind,

Cunning Red in the South,

sinister and clever,

and Mad Black in the West,

insane as can be.


Slip, slip we all fall down,

the rabbit hole to places unknown,

“Little girl, little girl,why is there a frown?”

“I don’t know, I just fell down!”



A Good Moment of 2015

Skiing takes everyone to new heights, to new barriers, to new ideas of where the line between fear and recklessness marks, it is a wonder in itself. Gliding through the snow, powder and ice, bumps and flat slopes and hills in the perfect conditions that Cypress offers, is a dream that only some people experience. I went down my first run on Christmas day and continued a bit into the next year.

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